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Welcome to Joe's Burger's website! We make some of the best burger's in town! We also offer some other amazing food including fries, poutine and sandwitches! Come down to try our famous double bacon cheeseburger for just $7.50! Make it a combo for $8! Located convenentlly down town, there is no reaon you should not come down an enjoy one of our burgers!



Joe's Burger's have been the best burgers around town for over 20 years! Founded in 1990, Joe's Burger's started off as a small resturant in Thunder Bay. Joe created this fine resturant because he have always loved to cook and eat burgers. It was also his dream to one day open up a resturant. Joe noticed great sucess with his company early on in his carrers. Keeping tradition alive, Joe has not changed the recipe of the classic burger to this day so you can always enjoy the same great taste!

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